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Ninebot Cost and Ninebot for sale Price


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New Style Ninebot Personal Electric Personal Transporter
One Year Warranty

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We are the Original Dealers who First Introduced the Ninebot to the USA

Here we have the latest Segway Style Personal Electric Transporter Scooter called the ninebot, or should we say ninebot segway now.  The ninebot is an Amazing Segway style transporter with very nice led light effects through out the Transporter.  The ninebot Pt is now a ninebot segway or segway ninebot as ninebot has recently bought out segway for an undisclosed amount. You can read one of the articles from bloomberg by clicking here     >>>  ninebotsegway  <<<

Comes in Black and White

The ninebot segway personal electric transporter comes with large lithion ion batteries,powerful motors, and can travel over all kinds of terrain.( See Video Below ) The Price of the Ninebot Electric Scooter is half the cost of the more expensive segways for sale on the market today.

The ninebot cost or price is only $3099.00 with Free USA Shipping.

((( Call and Inquire and save $100.00..Price reduces to only $2999.99 )))

The tires and wheels on the ninebot segway pt are specially made.  The tires on the ninebot segway are made by the Michelin Tire company and are state of the art, the special tires on the transporter reduce the vibration when you travel through Difficult terrain an on uncertain Surfaces giving you a more safe and stable ride ( See more info Below about the Rims & Tires ) 

Must See Video of the Ninebot at the 2014 CES Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada
( At the end of the video you can see how Tough and Reliable the Ninebot really is ) 

The ninebot Transporter works just like the more expensive and heavier segways for sale.  The Ninebot works off of Computer Controlled Gyroscopes, Sensors and Electronics to help you keep and maintain your balance on and elevated moving platform with wheels. ( Same as the Segway )

As with any personal transporter or stand on balancing electric scooter, the ninebot does take some getting use to  ( All Stand on electric scooters that work off of balance like the ninebot segway may have a slight learning curve for some ) 

Distributors Wanted

( Must Purchase a Sample first )

(((  If you are Seriously Interested in Getting in on a Ground Breaking opportunity with the ninebot,  the Manufacturer is looking for Exclusive Distributors as well as Smaller Independent Distributors in All Countries Including the United States )))

Please Note, These Countries Have Exclusive Dealers: Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Sweden, Taiwan, Korea, Czech Republic , Hungary, Danmark, Norway, Ecuador, France, & Spain. ( As a Result if you are from these countries please contact us Before Ordering )

( Must Purchase a Sample First )

**  Contact us Directly with your thoughts and intentions if you are interested in reselling the ninbot in the usa or other country. 

CE, NQA, ROHS, & UL Certifications



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The Ninebot Segway has Three Optional Handlebar Assemblies that you can switch ou

** The ninebot Comes standard with the Long Handlebar at 41.1 inches or 1044mm, ( not actual machine height )  Suitable for riders between 1.7m - 2.1m or about 5' 5 inches tall to 6'  8 inches tall.

** Optional Shorter Handlebar is 31.1 inches or 790 mm for smaller riders. ( 10 inch difference in the standard handlebar and the short handle bar. ) Suitable for riders 1.3m tall to - 1.8m tall or 4' 2 inches tall to 5' 9 inches tall.

** Optional Handless Lever Made out of Anodized Silver Aluminum with white plastic exterior and soft leg pads for operating the ninebot with your legs and not your hands.  ( Subject to Availability )

If you do not want the standard Handlebars please contact us before or immediately after your purchase and let us know Which Handlebar you would like with your ninebot.  ( You can choose any of the Handlebar options and or Order the others if you want or need them, subject to availability )

Ninebot Keys ( Made of Real Bone China )

Each Handlebar is $250.00 Extra plus $50.00 shipping

Extra Battery $595.00 plus $50 Shipping

Ninesys ™ 2nd self-balancing control system

Based on the original military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, Ninebot Inc. released the Ninesys 2nd self-balancing control system, which is with up to 10 times power reserve coefficient and better control performance, the quick reaction makes Ninebot more stable. Furthermore, Ninebot has the Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) function, which can restore the progress of malfunction and accident according to the data. In that case, it will help you manage the safe driving skills and improve the safety performance of Ninebot.

About the ninebot Batteries

The ninebot personal transporter uses a third-generation nickel cobalt manganese lithium ionic polymer battery. This particular kind of battery has been extensively used in the Model S pure electric sports car made by the U.S. Tesla motors Inc. and proved to be highly efficient, safe and durable.

( Classy, Hip, & Sexy )

((( ONLY 51.8 LBS )))

The Ninebot Electric Scooter has a double back up safety system.  The battery systems work separately but together for an added layer of protection in case one battery gets weak or fails.

The Ninebot also comes with a Power Assist Mode. What is power assist mode good for?  The transporter will help itself up a flight of steps as apposed to you having to literally drag it. 

The Transporter is made out of State of the Art  Magnesium Allow ( 2/3 rd's Aluminum and 1/4 steel )  resulting in a lighter, stronger, and more stable structure.   The Transporter will run about 12.5 mph and weighs about 52 lbs. ( See Specs and Video Below )

Ready to Buy a Ninebot?  You are not going to find a more reputable and dependable seller

The ninebot Transporter is Easily Transported in your Car trunk

( Only 51.8 lbs )

The ninebot segway is equipped with an energy feed back system. When you slow down going down hill the ninebot will recycle power back into the battery for increased riding time.

The ninebot segway has passed the strict tests of RoHS ( a mandatory standard established by the European Union legislation, fully called Restriction of Hazardous Substances ) and meets the strictest requirements of environment protection. The battery pack  on the ninebot uses the lithium battery similar to Tesla electric car and does not contain lead, cadmium or any other toxic heavy metals.

 Even More Cool &  Stylish Looking at Night

( I'm Waiting for You )

The cost of a ninbot is very cheap compared to a segway for sale

Free USA Shipping

Video Below Specs


Material                                               Aluminum, Magnesium Allow 
Weight                                                23.5 kg or 51.8 lbs ( Actual Weight )
Machine Size                                        43.3 Inches X 17.4 inches X 18.5 inches

Payload                                        ( Mfg Weight Recommended Weight limit )
                                                                      100 kgs or  220 lbs

Max. Speed                                         20 km/h or about 12.5 mph
Range on a full charge                        20 -25 km or about 12 - 15.5 miles 

( Standard Battery )
                                                           30 -40 km or about 18 - 24.8 miles
( Hi Capacity Battery )

Max. Slope                                          20 degrees  

Battery Capacity                                  55.5v   450wh
HI Capacity Battery                             55.5v   670wh

Motor                                                 2 X 1350 Watts ( 2700 Watts )
Battery Life                                         Over 1000 Cycles    ( 3 -5 Years )

In order to be lighter and cooler, designers of the ninebot choose the extremely low profile tire, but weakness of the tire caused a poor damping effect. In order to make up of the weakness, the designers developed the resin-metal composite hub.

The hub of the ninebot segway is infused with the core ring of alloy steel material and made from high strength composite resin ( No screws or rivets.)  This kind of  design produces a solid core structure of  the hub and makes for a really light and stretchy rim,  giving the ninbot a very smooth and safe ride.

The segway ninebots  are usually Delivered within 2 weeks.  Please contact us if you have any questions or Concerns before ordering, as we are Here Before, During and After your Purchase. 

Free USA Shipping, all other Countries will need contact us about the Shipping Cost.  There are no Import fees on the ninebot to the usa, all others will need to contact their local government or customs to see if there is an import charge or fee. ( Import Charges are your Responsibility )

After confirmed payment we will send a follow up email and ask that you confirm your address, color choice and phone number for the shipper.  We usually have a tracking number within 3 -5 Business days, then the Transporters arrive by dhl or fedex express in around 5 days.

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